Yes, DIY does mean DO IT YOURSELF but what is rarely mentioned is that this can be a full time job which will keep you from what you want to be doing: making more films.


Making a film, let alone raising enough funding for one, is extremely challenging and at times quite chaotic. Because indie filmmakers already have their plates full getting their movies made, most do not reach out to their core audience, cultivate those relationships, create a marketing strategy or evaluate potential distribution paths. There is just no time while you are making the film and this is when you really need to make and execute on your plan.  Waiting until the movie is done is just too late.

This is a terrible mistake because neglecting this vital work limits the film’s exposure and leads to loss of revenue.  You must strike while you are hot, your film is new, and anticipation is high.  Trying to sell your film two years or more after you wrapped production is just too long.  Being timely is all that matters.  You need to be on top of your game.


Everything.  You don’t want to go the traditional distribution route and turn over your baby over to total stranger for your North American distribution plan.  You want to do it yourself.  Maybe even handle some of your selective overseas sales yourself as well, but you don’t have the time to dedicate to it?  We can do it for you.

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