Many will tell you that as traditional marketing and distribution models become outdated and overall rights deals remain out of reach for the vast majority of productions, innovative breakthroughs are constantly emerging, creating exciting ways for films to successfully penetrate available markets on their own. Through the power of the Internet, filmmakers can now find their core audience, connect with fans, sell directly to customers and build a loyal base of supporters over the length of their careers.

That’s partially true.  It’s also true that traditional routes are more available than ever to film makers, but most don’t know how to navigate these waters.  We’re not just talking about iTunes and Amazon’s CreateSpace.  Let’s talk about Pay Per View, Video on Demand, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and let’s not forget we live in a global marketplace.  Foreign distribution opens even more doors, if you know how to prepare and negotiate so you don’t get screwed.

The other thing that is rarely mentioned is that this can be a full time job which will keep you from what you want to be doing: making more films.


Making a film, let alone raising enough funding for one, is extremely challenging and at times quite chaotic. Because indie filmmakers already have their plates full getting their movies made, most do not reach out to their core audience, cultivate those relationships, create a marketing strategy or evaluate potential distribution paths. There is just no time while you are making the film and this is when you really need to make and execute on your plan.  Waiting until the movie is done is just too late.

This is a terrible mistake because neglecting this vital work limits the film’s exposure and leads to loss of revenue.  You must strike while you are hot, your film is new, and anticipation is high.  Trying to sell your film two years or more after you wrapped production is just too long.  Being timely is all that matters.  You need to be on top of your game.


Even if filmmakers did set aside time to do this work, many lack the training and knowledge. Without experience and knowledge of marketing and distribution, filmmakers just don’t know how to create a strategy for their project, find and connect with their core audience and know how to pay back their investors.

As early as possible, the producer should hire a PMD to oversee all aspects of marketing and SELLING their film.


We will build and oversee a team of specialists to handle items such as publicity, theatrical booking, graphic design, effective trailer creation, accounting, and more.  Based on the project’s budget, Autobahn will hire and supervise as many of the following team members as needed or provide in-house experts:

  • lawyer
  • webmaster
  • graphic designer
  • sales representative
  • distribution consultant
  • accountant
  • publicist
  • viral marketer
  • theatrical booker
  • semi-theatrical screening coordinator
  • film festival submission coordinator
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • filmmaker’s assistant
  • trailer editor
  • interns

Thankfully, Autobahn Digital has many of these positions already covered in house due to Jon Bonnell’s years working for and with multiple Sales Agencies and theatrical bookers.  Beyond that, we can continue this work for the lifetime of your film. Overseeing sales, deliveries, collections, and everything you don’t have time to do as you move on to your next project.  We work for you!

Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and what we can offer.